How to have sex in the car: best sex positions ever!

How to have sex in the car: best sex positions ever!

The heyday of the practice of sex in the car was in the wild 60s of the last century. It was especially popular in the US, where at that time the flames of the sexual revolution had already flared up. Then on the roads of free states moved a huge number of vehicles with wide seats, which were ideally suited for making love. However, by and buy, these wide car seats were replaced by scoop-shaped seats, intense traffic and small cars brought the possibility of having sex in the car almost to nothing. However, nothing will deter the real lovers of passionate sex in the car.

How to have sex in the car - How to have sex in the car: best sex positions ever!

Sex in the car: for and against

So, the positive side of sex in the car is that it brings us unforgettable and extreme emotions that we often lack in our lives. It can excite imagination, tie nerves in the closest nodules and bring new notes of spark in a sexual life, which, whether we want it or not, slowly loses its date of expiry. It’s also a good substitute for fitness, because poses for sex in the car can be so bizarre and even incredible that no physical training will get you into shape as quickly as sex in the car.

However, don’t think that sex in the car – is entire advantages and endless orgasms. If you take the liberty to call auto sex a kind of sport, then it should be noted that it’s a very traumatic sport. And it’s very dangerous for your wallet, because motor cops who find you doing naughty things, will definitely try to make your wallet empty. Additionally, sex in the car is contraindicated for overweight people, who can be stuck in some narrow place.

In the car it’s possible to perform not only the missionary, but also other famous positions. You just need to take the right position – and everything will be perfect.

  1. Rider

One of the most common positions for sexual intercourse in the car is the “Rider”. A girl can straddle her chosen one on the driver’s, passenger’s or back seat. However, in this position, you should restrain your passion and emotions, so as not to damage the upholstery of car interior and not to hit a head against the roof of the car.

Pleasure 6/10

Risk 5/10

  1. Missionary

A woman can lie on her back in the unassembled passenger seat, and the partner straddles between her legs. So it’s the classic missionary position. If you want to try this pose, you should first take care of the window film and choose a deserted place.

Pleasure 8/10

Risk 2/10

  1. Driving school

In this case, a girl turns away, backs up onto her chosen one, and holding on the wheel. There is an opinion that this posture isn’t very convenient, since there are many mechanisms that can be touched. In this case, you can combine study with sex, but there is a chance to remain without orgasm, or car.

Pleasure 5/10

Risk 7/10

  1. Spoon

This position is performed on the unassembled passenger seat. Both partners lie on the side facing the window, the man behind her. In this position, penetration is maximal, and partners can experience incredible pleasure. This position can also be performed in the back seat.

Pleasure 8/10

Risk 4/10

  1. Tunnel

The girl should sit in the middle of the back seat, raise and spread her legs, placing them on the handrails, or on the top of the front seats. The man occupies a dominant position from above. If you manage to get your feet out of the front seat after the sex, then you can safely write a letter to David Copperfield and advise him to retire.

Pleasure 9/10

Risk 7/10

  1. Dog in the window

The woman kneels in the back seat and bends her back. No matter how wide the car is, the she will lean her face against the window. The man enters her from behind, slightly lowering his hips for greater convenience. This position has many advantages. The main thing is that the windows were well-tinted, otherwise you will have to breathe even more often to make them steamy.

Pleasure 9/10

Risk 1/10

  1. Rear drive

This position in the back seat is possible in any car. The man lies down along the back seat, bending his knees and the woman straddles him. The most important is that the girl controls her impulses, because the top is low enough to have a clour on her head.

Pleasure 10/10

Risk 3/10

It’s impossible to determine which posture for sex in the car is the best. Each couple has their own sexual preferences. But be careful! You should derive pleasure of this process, but in no case injuries. To find out more information about sex in other interesting places ask sexy Russian girls.

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